Expand Contest Top 20 Contestants Give Their Reaction To Presenting For The Final 5

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The competition for the Final 5 in Expand began Monday with ten contestants presenting their business to five esteemed panelist who then asked questions for 10 minutes to help them decide who advances to finals round.

Since some of the businesses have proprietary information and are still in their start-up phase, we can’t show you the actual presentations. But we did manage to grab a few quick shots of the contestants presenting and then get their reaction to the whole experience. They all did great. Some even overcame technical malfunctions during their presentation but they pushed through like good entrepreneurs should.


  • Mountain View Equine Hospital

  • Better Building Works

  • Inn On Campbell

  • 24/7 Hunting TV

  • Know Better LLC

  • Mommy Doctors Bakery

  • Muneris Benefits

  • Phoenix LLC

  • Sit My Baby

  • Skill-Capped.com

  • ADA Specialties

  • At Home Caregivers

  • BlinkMatch App.

  • Bulldog Field Equipment

  • Engagn

  • Valley Energy Consultants

  • Nature’s Nectar

Whitewash.M2 Publishing

More coming later today and tomorrow after the last 10 contestants give their presentations.

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  1. Tom Tanner says:

    Great presentation by all the businesses. I was impressed with the excitement the contestants and the quality of their presentation. Good luck to all the contestants and wish they all could move on to the finals. Can’t wait till Super Synergy and listen to the final five.

  2. says:

    What a wonderful board of panelist!

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